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The Afternoon Papers (Remember Them?) Carried The Horrible News On The Day Of The Killing


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Many historians cite the assassination of President Kennedy as “The Day America Lost Her Innocence.” True, the shock of the public execution of our youngest elected president stunned millions of people both here and abroad. All who lived through it, and the horrors that followed in the wake of the killing, could not help but find themselves profoundly changed. But as terrible as the killing was, far more damage – lasting damage – came about because of the official government reaction to killing. This happened in response to the twenty-seven volumes of The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy – known as the Warren Commission after its chair, Chief Justice Earl Warren of the United States Supreme Court.

Warren Commission Members

Members of The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy – The Warren Commission

Almost from the start, from the day the commission released it, the Warren Report faced extreme skepticism, especially when one considered the people appointed to the Commission; in terms of inappropriateness, no appointment surpassed that of Allen Dulles, who President Kennedy had unceremoniously booted as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency after the Bay of Pigs Invasion fiasco. Yeah, HE’S an impartial judge of fact… America’s news media, which up till that time had enjoyed – some say squandered – the complete trust of the TV viewing public did not help any. NBC news and CBS news each televised a detailed analysis of the commission’s report on Sunday, September 27, 1964, telling viewers exactly what to think – ON THE VERY DAY THE VOLUME CONTAINING THE REPORT HIT THE STORES. And at that point TRUST in both GOVERNMENT and MEDIA died as surely as if they too had gotten gunned down on November 22, 1963.


oswald-cover copyDid media and government really expect the public to believe that the TV networks had sufficient time to go through the ENTIRE 920-page report AND prepare a TV show all in one day? For the first time, as the story unfolded, people looked at their television for news but instead felt the nagging itch of severe doubt. Along with TV, Newspapers and magazines also fell in line. “The Warren Commission’s evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald is over whelming beyond reasonable or even rational doubt,” gushed Time Magazine in its October 2, 1964 issue. But later in October, after the Commission released the 26 volumes of evidence and testimony upon which they had based their report, glaring inconsistencies between what witnesses had said, and what the report quoted fairly leapt off the page. Trust in the Commission evaporated with each discovered “inconsistency”…

NY Times Page 1 Warren copy

NY Times Front Page The Morning After The Warren Report Came In Featuring The Text of The Warren Report

Shockingly. at that time anyway, media DELIBERATELY withheld crucial information about the killing and the subsequent investigation, such as the FACT that President Johnson himself NEVER believed the “Single Assassin” hypothesis. In fact, he had said exactly that, plainly and without doubts, in recorded contemporaneous telephone calls to a member of the Warren Commission. And LBJ spoke of his suspicions to CBS News, in guarded terms, in 1969. PLEASE NOTE THAT AT THE START OF THIS 1975 CLIP, WALTER CRONKITE – A TRUSTED NEWS READER – ADMITS TO WITHHOLDING THIS INFORMATION FROM THE PUBLIC FOR YEARS, claiming President Johnson cited a risk to NATIONAL SECURITY. You know, the usual excuse… Any wonder that this whole thing KILLED more than a president? It killed trust in our own government and institutions. 

Despite proven media and government collusion to bury salient facts, whispered rumors circulated. Fewer than two years after the release of the Warren Report, people began expressing doubts about the official story out in the open. Most people who accepted the Warren Report’s judgments had never read any of the underlying material, relying instead on deliberately misleading media coverage or the single volume report released in mass-market paperback form. “We must trust these eminent, distinguished, respected men of integrity,” said Establishment apologists, offering faith in lieu of facts. Yet soon enough, curious people, dissatisfied with conclusions that strained credulity, would shell out HUNDREDS of dollars (1964 dollars!) to purchase sets of the entire report and its supporting volumes. These dedicated people studied every word of the official documents testimony and so…

Cottage Industry

Rush To Judgment

“The Explosive Book That Has Destroyed Public Faith In The Warren Report…” And The LP Record From The Soundtrack Of The Subsequent Documentary Film.

August, 1966: lawyer Mark Lane publishes RUSH TO JUDGMENT, based on his research and interviews with assassination eye witnesses. The stories from these scores of witnesses – most never called to testify – contradicted the official story as conveyed in the artfully selected Warren Commission papers – especially concerning what became known as Rush To Judgment LP labelArlen Spector’s MAGIC BULLET theory (actually a hypothesis). This fabulous tale grew out of the government’s desperate need to have one killer shoulder all the blame. Many of the witnesses Mark Lane interviewed for RUSH TO JUDGMENT had approached the Commission after the assassination, but as soon as staff had heard their tales, they found themselves scratched off the witness list and warned by the FBI to keep silent. This book, of course, did nothing to build up the ever-dwindling confidence people had in the government since the assassination. As an indication of just how quickly America’s trust in The Government had evaporated since the assassination, RUSH TO JUDGMENT became a number one New York Times hardcover best seller and spent 29 weeks on the paper’s best-seller list. Then in 1967 came a movie based on the book, by esteemed documentary filmmaker Emile de Antonio, and an LP culled from the film’s soundtrack. Many paperback editions of RUSH TO JUDGMENT appeared over the ensuing years. After RUSH TO JUDGMENT, Mark Lane’s research made headlines with his demonstrable assertion that, statistically speaking, way too many witnesses to the assassination had themselves met with sudden violent death – a number out of all proportion with insurance actuarial tables. 

Sudden Violent Death

When it comes to sudden, violent death and the Kennedy Assassination, must here include the Warren Commission’s pre-determined fall-guy, and self-described PATSY, who clearly knew more than almost anyone: Lee Harvey Oswald.PATSY

Oswald In Custody

While in police custody, not one word of Oswald’s interrogation was recorded or transcribed and…

Oswald in Custody November 23, 1963 copy

Oswald in Custody – November 23, 1963

… before that could happen, Lee Harvey Oswald became the first person murdered on LIVE TELEVISION as Jacob Rubenstein (AKA Jack Ruby) shot him POINT BLANK in the Police Garage… immediately after some suspiciously timed blasts of a car horn as Oswald entered the area. Did the car horn signal the shooter? 

Oswald On His Way To His Doom, November 24, 1963 copy

Oswald Mere Steps Away From His Doom, November 24, 1963

Oswald Page 1

Eventually, news coverage gave way to works of fiction that had one thing in common: the fallacy of the Warren Commission as received fact. Even two of pop culture’s top detectives tackled the case! 

JFK Novels

Just Two Of The Thousands Of Books, Fiction and Nonfiction Inspired By Glaring Inconsistencies In The Warren Report


joshua son of none

Assassination-themed Science-Fiction Made It Onto The Best Seller List

The JFK assassination had morphed into entertainment, albeit entertainment that carried a message of doubt in our government; a message which the Warren Commission itself had given birth to.

“News” media made fools of themselves trying to convince the public of the Lone Killer narrative even before President Lyndon B. Johnson impaneled the Warren Commission with Executive Order 11130 on November 29, 1963. Below, I present one of the most egregious examples of this media self-destruction:

The Zapruder Film And CBS Lies…

Never again would TV “news” and the Government receive
the unquestioning trust of the thinking public.


zapruder's camera copy

Abraham Zapruder’s Camera

For a long while, CBS newsman Dan Rather remained the ONLY journalist to get a look at the 8mm ZAPRUDER FILM that had captured the Kennedy assassination clearly and in real time. When describing this film for his CBS-TV audience, Rather, for reasons known only to himself, looked right into the TV camera and plainly stated that HE SAW the president’s head snap FORWARD when the fatal shot hit. This did not match the statements of observers, most notably Mr. Zapruder himself, interviewed on the day of the killing. When Abe Zapruders’s film became widely available to the public in 1975, through a smuggled, stabilized version shown on ABC-TV, Dan Rather’s lie became so obvious that Congress immediately announced it would convene hearings on the assassination. Zapruder’s memory on the day of the assassination proved to be totally accurate in his description of the fatal shot, but by 1974 the man had died. How did Rather make such a “mistake”? Or… DID he make a mistake? Did he deliberately mislead the public? If so, at whose behest had he lied? When the Warren Commission released its work, they published frames culled from the Zapruder film, frames purportedly showing that the president’s head had indeed snapped forward as he the fatal shot struck him – just as Mr. Rather had proclaimed. But sharp eyes studying the report noted a divergence in the background of these frames that proved report had presented the frames out of sequence. When presented with this inconsistency, J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI freely acknowledged it, blowing it off as an inadvertent printing error. But with this “error” the Commission’s credibility had suffered a fatal blow. The later public release of the Zapruder film erased all possible controversy: We see the president’s head quite clearly, and most gruesomely, slamming backwards and to his left – consistent with frontal shots from the so-called Grassy Knoll. This made a lone shooter behind and above in the Texas School Book Depository, utterly impossible. What other inconsistencies lurk within the 27 volumes of the Warren Commission, waiting to be discovered by… possibly YOU?

Zapruder WFAA

Abraham Zapruder (R) Tells WFAA-TV Reporter Jay Watson About The Damage He Saw To JFK From The Fatal Shot He Filmed

Eyewitness Points

Another Eyewitness, Interviewed Within An Hour Of The Assassination, Points To The Spot Where He Saw The Fatal Shot Hit The President


Of course in a climate of distrust and doubt, nothing is off the table; anything becomes fodder for alternate theories… 

Zapruder Hoax


BUT… the CD set can be searched!


1967 LP

Along with the critics of the Warren Report, many people made shrill but ultimately hollow attempts to “debunk” all criticism of the Commission. All such attempts, when stripped of the ad hominem attacks, the many fallacies of logic, the outright lies, and the threatening implications that “national security” will suffer under questioning, boil down to one point: The People Must Have Faith In Any Commission Headed By Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. That, of course, is no argument at all. 

One of the most vile attempts to smear “conspiracy theorists,” a term of derision invented by the Government specifically to nullify and pejorate anyone who did not toe the line on the Commission’s “findings,” was the 1967 Long Playing Album THE CONTROVERSY. THE DEATH. THE WARREN REPORT. This waste of recycled plastic restaurant ashtrays devotes much of its nearly hour-long playing time LP Adto slinging “dirt” against Lawyer/Author Mark Lane (“Rush To Judgment”), dwelling obsessively on the huge sales of his book. Oh, what a sinner that Lane was! The depths of logic reach a limit in a telling moment from Warren Commission member Gerald Ford, destined to become the first American president who had never run in a national election after striking a deal – barely ten years after his Warren Commission stint, to pardon Richard Nixon for any and all crimes Nixon MAY HAVE committed in his lifetime. He states flat out that Jack Ruby, killer of Lee Harvey Oswald, was not in any way connected with Organized Crime. His proof? Ford says… he asked Ruby if he had underworld connections and Ruby told him no. I daresay that this bit of unparalleled gullibility says all we need to know about the rubbish called THE CONTROVERSY. THE DEATH. THE WARREN REPORT. But the very worst part? This record was marketed as revealing the shocking truth behind the assassination. Talk about rank exploitation…

Alternate JFK Theory

“Conspiracy theories are now
conspiracy fact.” – Oliver Stone

Find The Truth For Yourself

Warren Paperbach

One Of The Instant Best-Selling Paperbacks Of The Report – MINUS the 26 Volumes of Evidence. Millions of People Pored Over This Book!

Back in 1964, millions of people rushed to buy the paperback book of the Warren Commission’s Report. Media, as we have seen, told people what to think even before the people had read the book. But this paperback tells only a small part of the story contained in 27 large volumes. When you come down to brass tacks, the truth may reside in the full published works of the Warren Commission, despite obvious attempts at white-wash. Because of all the work done by amateur investigators, poring over these very books, the Nixon Administration and the CIA coined the pejorative put-down Conspiracy Theorist. That attempted smear, of course, didn’t inhibit anyone.

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