The Manly Art of Shaving

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The Book Millions of Men
Have Been Waiting For!

Learn How To Use A Straight Razor WITHOUT Cutting Yourself!
Use SHAVING as a form of MEDITATION!
The Book That Answers EINSTEIN’S Question:

My Very First Time
About Shaving Soap
Holding Your Razor
The Right Tool For The Right Job

How To Do It

A Humorous, Free-Wheeling Look At
Shaving Through The Ages!

Don’t let the lighthearted approach fool you! This book will teach you all you need to know about shaving the way men have done it for hundreds of years. You will learn about everything you need, and how to care for your equipment THE MODERN WAY. Find out how you can enjoy all the benefits (and there ARE benefits!) to shaving with a straight razor – without the hassles of the old “high-maintenance” straight razors. Introducing… THE SHAVETTE! This modern invention gives you the classic, traditional close shave, without bothering to hone or care for an expensive razor. A merely good straight razor will set you back over TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. This book explains how to get everything you need from a SHAVETTE for under $10!

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How do we know MILLIONS OF MEN HAVE BEEN WAITING for this book? Aside from the many men we have talked with, and the many shaving sites online selling all manner of OVERPRICED ITEMS… read this

Apparently, a great number of men crave the 
classic shaving experience. I infer this because 
the 2012 release of the 007 film ‘SKYFALL,”
 which included a scene showing James Bond using a straight razor (for shaving, not to dispatch
 “the opposition” with a deft slice of the femoral
 artery) led to an extraordinary 405% increase in straight razor sales that year.

Not every man influenced by 007 went the Do It Yourself route. At SCOTSMAN.COM we see the following report about business after SKYFALL landed in theaters: “At Ruffians barbershop in the West End of Edinburgh, Australian-born master barber Ian Fallon now handles several requests for a cut-throat shave every day. ‘You do need to take time for a cut-throat shave. It requires more patience and more precision and it is more of a ritual,’ he says.”

More of a ritual, barber Ian Fallon says! That sums up my own views exactly. The way most men shave, joylessly rushing through a morning chore, shaving hurriedly with an electric shaver, or speedily wielding a safety razor in the shower, compares to an educated, old-style shave as a tea-bag compares to the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Or Andrew Lloyd Weber compares to Mozart. As with all rituals, a traditional shave gives us a sense of continuity – a link to the past; the precise meaning of the word RELIGION, by the way. The word comes from the Latin RELIGARE, to re-bind to the past.

Andrew Cannon, founder of the above-mentioned Edinburgh barber shop, notes that he shaves at home with a straight razor passed down to him from his great grandfather. A good razor, properly cared for, can literally last for centuries. This involves honing with a whet-stone and using the traditional leather strop between the honing sessions (I will explain that soon). In the past, a man who did not wish to go through all that rigmarole could simply take his personal razor to the corner barbershop for the delicate job of re-edging on a whetstone, then do the routine stropping himself. Such days, alas, we shall never again see, as almost all barbershops now use the shavette. New health laws have compelled barbers to abandon the old razor in favor of the shavette. As SCOTSMAN.COM notes: “Barbershops… use a variation on the cut-throat which uses a disposable blade. If they didn’t do this, they would have to use hospital-standard sterilizing equipment between customers to ensure there is no risk of passing on infections.”

Yes, even the best barbers will now and then nick a customer

So, just as a gentleman can no longer stroll to the local hat shop to get his fedora properly blocked and reshaped, the days of honing the straight razor down at the barbershop have passed forever into history.

Nostalgia to the contrary, I personally prefer the shavette to the old razor because it offers men all the advantages of a straight razor without that aforementioned honing hassle. I have no need for extraneous busy-work around something designed to offer a peaceful, contemplative experience. Give me the low-maintenance option any day. As Henry David Thoreau so often admonished: SIMPLIFY.

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The author of this book has used a straight razor for years! He even collects them! Look at this razor, which he bought to commemorate a successful business deal… he got the idea that made him the money WHILE SHAVING.

When you start shaving THE TRADITIONAL WAY,
you will belong to an ELITE “club” of men. So…

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