Rev. Eliot’s E-Z Oracle Cards

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Fortune Cards


minister-portrait-oval-fixed-copyI’m Rev. Eliot Of ASK1RADIO, and I made these cards just for people who’d like to be able to take a look through TIME AND SPACE but prefer to use something easier than tarot cards. Just print these out, cut them, and you’re INSTANTLY set to read. It really is Just that easy!

These cards are SOOOO easy to use that you will be reading cards for people within MINUTES of shuffling the cards! That is my guarantee.

Nothing to memorize!
No RULES to learn!
Just lay out the cards ANY WAY YOU WANT TO!

With my Magick Fortune Cards, I have created a SIMPLE, EASY to use alternative to a full Tarot deck, specifically tailored for those difficult decisions that come up in life now and then. Like every hour or so… No complex spreads – just carry these 15 cards in your pocket to stay ready to Divine the heart of a situation and get the advice you need to see your way through.

You can get the cards RIGHT FROM THE PRINTING PLANT and on top of that TAKE 15% off with the checkout code WELCOME15