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We Met The
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The 60th Anniversary Edition of a classic WARNING FROM OUTER SPACE! The incredible story of two sisters who encounter beings from another world… over a Coke® in St. Louis! Now translated into E-Prime – the form of English that eschews the use of verb “To Be,” this gripping tale comes alive as never before. FEATURING AN ALL-NEW INTRODUCTION by Rev. E. M. Camarena. This introduction examines the cultural and political atmosphere of the world 60 years ago when this book first appeared – and contrasts it with the world of today. Are we ready for another round of UFO sightings?



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Two-Time Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler’s world-famous essay on the horrors and the futility of war. Peeling away the patriotic veneer always used to get people to support war, Butler reveals – as only an insider can – why we go to war, who is behind it and who profits.

This edition contains a FACSIMILE of the original 1935 edition. And much more!

At the height of the Great Depression, a gang of Wall Street businessmen, alarmed by what President Franklin D. Roosevelt was doing to spur the economy, decided to overthrow the government and remove FDR. The plan – known as The Business Plot – called for rallying disaffected WW1 Veterans under a leader who could unite them. That man, these plotters, thought, was Maj. Gen. Butler. They tried to win Butler to their cause with a promise of making him the new national leader. They could not have been more mistaken!

This book has a special section detailing Butler’s role in revealing this treasonous plot. And for the first time, we present recently declassified documents from Smedley Butler’s FBI file!

Together with Butler’s original essay, this look at The Business Plot paints a more full picture of one of history’s great men.



America Under Communism


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A piece of vintage paranoia from 1947 – the dawn of Harry Truman’s Cold War. Just two years earlier, Soviet Russia was our ally. Then suddenly, they became The Evil Empire bent on taking over America. This comic book presents a wild fantasy on the theme of America falling to the dirty commies. A valuable look at a moment in history, painstakingly restored digitally and enhanced! No other version looks this good! A must for understanding the roots of today’s lingering fear and hatred of Russia and the Russians. It all traces back to our government’s Post-War need for a perpetual enemy in order to “unify” the people and keep America on a permanent wartime military footing. As we see to this very day, in the Pentagon’s bloated and ever-expanding budget as well the constant sabre-rattling of elderly politicians and the more aged of the Baby Boomers… it worked all too well.


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