Finding Happiness

Since this site shows the many books (and some products) sold by Mojo Bros. Books, it reminded us that while these items can greatly enhance your life – money does not buy happiness. Many of these books could fall into the category of “Self-Help.” And what does that mean if not finding a path to happiness and contentment?

So to make sure we understand our terms, we herewith present a talk by the monk called Ajarn Brahm. For an hour, Ajarn Brahm gives a humorous look at the search for happiness, based on his own experiences and those of people he has encountered. We find listening to this talk a highly rewarding experience, and we listen over and over, always finding more whenever we hear it. Naturally, we want to share it with as many people as possible.

So click the image of Ajarn Brahm and settle in for a profound, enjoyable, charming, and utterly truthful look at the search for happiness.

Ajarn Brahm


For more on the seemingly-eternal search for happiness – plus the way happiness gets linked to fear (and the way unscrupulous people use this to manipulate us), we recommend this book by noted occultist Rev. E.M. Camarena:

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