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Introduction by Lloyd Kenyon Jones. From the early 20th Century comes this long neglected memoir of MRS. CECIL M. COOK, one of the world’s most famous mediums! Filled with passion and heartbreak, this is the story of an outcast little girl, shunned by family, feared by neighbors! Yet despite the odds, she grows up to become WORLD FAMOUS for her ability to contact the departed who now live on in the spirit-world. As you read this saga you will be transported back to the gaslight days of CHILD LABOR! Of religious fanatics who ARRESTED members of the Spiritualist Church! You will read about FLOWERS THAT APPEAR OUT OF THE ETHER! Flowers NO florist could ever recognize! All from the OTHER-SIDE! Read this stunning book and know that EVERYTHING THAT EVER LIVED, LIVES ON! AND LIVES YET! This is the uplifting story of a heart’s triumph over bigotry, hate, fear and loss. This is one book that should not be missed! INTRODUCTION NOW ILLUSTRATED!

UNMASKING FEAR front Cover smaller
The classic 1919 book now reissued with new introductions by noted Occultist Rev. E.M. Camarena, PhD. There is no reason to live your life in fear! Wake up to the way orthodox religion & Other “Powers That Be” control the population THROUGH FEAR! An invaluable treatise, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to lead a free, independent life. A life WITHOUT FEAR! While some people will no doubt be offended and shocked by this book’s stance against organized religion seeking to control our lives, while those who use fear themselves will attempt to squelch this book, by misrepresenting the contents and belittling it, this book bravely exposes the way the manipulators of fear seek to hold onto power by any means necessary. Beware of those who would mislead you about this! Fear is all they have and they will use fear to stop YOU from reading this liberating book. The new introduction puts the book in its historical context and shows why it is still relevant today.
“By resurrecting and presenting again this slim volume ‘Unmasking Fear’ Eliot Camarena, along with his perceptive preface, exposes and dissects fear, this most useful tool in a propagandist’s playbook. In this small book are big ideas that show a clear but narrow path to developing the necessary attitude and finding the necessary tools to rip the mask from the face of fear and place it where it belongs: Firmly. Under. Foot.” – A Reader Review


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