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A masterful look at dreams by the great 20th Century writer Lloyd Kenyon Jones. This is THE book to keep by your bedside! Know what your dreams are telling you with descriptions of just about anything you can dream of. This is a full reproduction of the original from 1920 – complete with an introduction by Jones. Recreated from original plates. Not to be missed! Consult this book every morning upon awakening to get ahead in life!

You Can Live Forever!

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A classic from the 1940s, “You Can Live Forever!” shows the value and import of every human life. Told from a Roman Christian perspective – but highly significant to everyone – the author takes us on a tour of IMMORTALITY! Filled with insight, this book dramatically shows how our words and deeds live on through eternity after we pass away. How does that happen? You will find the answers revealed in the pages of this profound book. Long out of print, unjustly forgotten, MOJO BROS. CLASSICS revives it for all to see and learn from! PROFUSELY ILLUSTRATED!


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